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Renovation of a kitchen on a budget

Project : Renovation of a kitchen

Date : 2021

Option : Premium


The challenge of this project was to renovate a kitchen, currently in poor condition, with a small budget, the customers being tenants of the property.

To carry out this renovation and respect the budget of +/- 1000€, certain parts of the current kitchen have been kept and others replaced. Customers carrying out the work themselves, a list of furniture and tools to buy has been provided.

In order to make this kitchen more convivial and warm, the project focused on the following points:

  • Conservation of the upper shelves and the current credenza
  • Elimination of the central shelf for more sobriety
  • Replacing the kitchen units with an IKEA first price cabinet combination
  • Painting the IKEA modules with a special deep green kitchen cabinet paint. This brings originality and a warmer atmosphere to the whole
  • Added brass cabinet handles, to give a more upscale look
  • Installation of a custom-made wooden worktop
  • Installation of a second-hand sink, oven and hob

Thanks to these different choices, the final result provides a tailor-made, unique, elegant kitchen that does not show its "low budget" side.

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