Who Am I ?


Architect first, I started renovating furniture for my own interior, out of need, desire and above all out of passion. Wanting to share it with those around me, I continued renovating furniture for my family, then little by little, for other people.

All this led me in 2021 to create Beyond The Dust, and to offer you, too, these pieces of furniture dusted off and ready to live a second life.

PS: The cat assistant also welcomes you, in its own way! 

Mélanie J.

Our values

Why buy new furniture produced on a large scale when our attics and homes are full of quality furniture with unique aesthetics?

My goal is to bring up to date this vintage furniture that has proven itself over time to give it a second wind. An ecological way to give life to this furniture that we hold dear but which no longer corresponds to today's aesthetics.

At the end, one quality furniture, unique, steeped in history and which gives character to your interior.